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“Tratamiento ortodóncico con extracciones”

Editorial Ripano (Spain) Published in 2009


Basically, orthodontic extractions can be carried out for two reasons:

  • Dentoaleveolar discrepancty, i.e., due to crowding.
  • Dicrepancy between maxilla and mandible, i.e., camouflage treatments.


To minimize the extractions carried out to correct crowding, the treatments with expansion, distalization, protrusion (anteroposterior or sagittal expansion) and stripping can be carried out.


“Tratamiento ortodóncico y ortopédico de primera fase en dentición mixta”

Editorial Ripano (Spain) Published in 2008, 2nd Edition
Colaboradores: Dr. William Clark, Dra. Emma Vila Manchó.


Because of the great success of the first edition and great interest in it, the 2nd edition is published.

Various new chapters are included, written by the following doctors:

  • Dr. William Clark, who has described the Transforce appliance.
  • Dr. Emma Vila Manchó,who has described the pathology associated to the use of removable appliances, revision protocols for patients to prevent lesions, and for patients in risk.
  • Professor Dr. José Durán von Arx,who explains the study of functions and functional reeducation through stimuli.
  • Dr. Jordi Corominas,who explains the importance of amigdalae, the mouth breathing, and the soring child: diagnosis and treatment.


“Ortodoncia & Microimplantes. Técnica completa paso a paso”

Editorial Ripano (España) Publicado en 2007



Creemos que la aparición de los microimplantes es uno de los acontecimientos más importantes de la historia moderna de la ortodoncia.

Los microimplantes han conseguido poner el anclaje absoluto al alcance de todos los ortodoncistas por la sencillez del método y por la relación coste-beneficio tan satisfactoria.


“Clear Aligner. Clinical application and case reports”

Editorial Ripano (Spain) Published in 2007


When 55-60% of patients treated by orthodontists are adults, and the demand for esthetics is each time more important, the need for inivisible orthodontics has been created.


“Marketing para la Clínica Odontológica” 1ª y 2ª parte

Nexus ediciones (Spain) Published in 2006



In 18 chapters, this book explains in detail, apart from the appliances used by author the phylosophy which insipires the approach to patients in mixed dentition. Furthermore, the book clearly specifies the activation and clinical follow-up of these patients.


“Tratamiento ortodóncico y ortopédico de primera fase en dentición mixta”

Nexus Ediciones (Spain) Published in 2004


According to Dr. Echarri’s phylosophy, the early treatment in a patient is very important in prevention, interception and correction of malocclusions. In this book, he explains his way of treatment of different malocclusions in children.



“Lingual Orthodontics. Step by step technique”

Nexus Ediciones (Spain) Published in 2003

Dr. Echarri is a busy speaker and lecturer of the courses around the world, especially in Lingual Orthodontics. In his 3rd book, he exposes his clinical and teaching experience in this specialty. This book has had great success and it has been translated to English and Korean language.


“Ortodoncia para asistentes e higienistas dentales”

Nexus ediciones (Spain) Published in 2002


Dr. Echarri has always considered the team work very important, which is why he dedicated his 2nd book to dental assistants and hygienists. This book was written with Dr. Antonio Lucea on auxilliary staff training.


“Diagnóstico en ortodoncia. Estudio multidisciplinario”

1st Ed., Quintessence (Spain) Published in 1998 2nd Ed., Nexus Ediciones (Spain) Published in 2002


This is the first book written by Dr. Echarri, in which he integrally reflects his interdisciplinary phylosophy of orthodontic treatment, and the essential importance he gives to the diagnosis of a patient. This book has been great success, and it has has its 2nd edition.