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Bruxism and TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint

The TMJs are joints which allow the mandible to move. Dysfunctions of this zone provoke progressive disruptions and discomfort which affect our health.

The relation between maxilla and mandible is supported in three points: both temporomandibular joints or TMJ, and teeth closure.

Due to different reasons, such as natural evolution of the teeth, teeth loss, traumatisms, etc., there can be a misbalance of the bite which causes damage of mobility and functionality of TMJ.

The treatment objective consists in adjustment of occlusion between maxilla and mandible to the conditions of perfect balance depending on each case in particular.

The most frequent problems are:

  • Mastication muscles pains or in front of the ears.
  • Noise such as creaking and crepitus.
  • Limitation of mandibular movements.
  • Difficulties in chewing of some foods.
  • Excessive wear of teeth due to clenching or grinding the teeth (bruxism).