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  • An attachment which is bonded directly to a tooth or to a band.
  • Arch wire: Long and movable wire which is positioned around the dental arch, inserted into the slots of the brackets.
  • Elastic ligature: Elastic ring which holds the arch wire inside the bracket slot.
  • Wire ligature: Thin wire which holds the arch wire inside the bracket slot.
  • Hook: A part of some brackets used to position elastics and ligatures.
  • Band: Metallic ring with a bracket bonded on the tooth.

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Am I going to feel uncomfortable?

Removable appliances usually don’t cause any type of discomfort. Fixed appliances in teenagers usually don’t provoke any discomfort, although they have special requirements in food and hygiene. In Echarri Clinic, we will advise you about it. Occasionally, the brackets might provoke small lesions in lips and cheeks, but the patients are supplied with necessary material needed to treat these possible situations. Fixed appliance in adult patients provoke a little bit of discomfort during the first days, but with a soft diet and instructions we’ll give you, and with the use of special alloys for treatment in adult patients, we will reduce the discomfort to its minimum.

How long does it take?

Depending on how difficult the case is, it usually takes 14 to 24 months to finish the treatment with fixed appliances. After having carried out the diagnosis, the patient will be informed about the approximate treatment time. The treatment time in children depends on the treatment objectives, but the patient will be informed immediately after the diagnosis is finished.

Am I going to have a beautiful smile?

Once the diagnosis is finished, the patient will be informed about the expected results and will be shown a computer generated simulation of the treatment results. Sometimes, the esthetics can be improved more with other treatments such as bleaching, esthetic dentistry, orthognatic surgery, esthetic surgery, depending on how difficult the case is. The patient will be informed about the possibilities of these treatments in those cases in which they can be indicated.

What are invisible brackets?

A lot of patients prefer to be treated with appliances that are not visible, especially adult patients. For simpler cases, we can offer the patient a treatment with transparent CA CLEAR ALIGNER appliances, and for more complex cases, we can carry out a treatment with completely invisible lingual brackets (brackets attached to the internal surface of the teeth). Dr. Echarri is a recognized world-wide known specialist in these techniques.

How frequent my appointments should be?

During the fixed appliances phase, the appointments should be approximately once a month.

Can I continue doing sports?

Yes, lingual brackets are specially created for contact sports practicing. If a patient uses conventional brackets, we can carry out buccal protectors specially designed for this purpose.

Can I continue eating as usual?

Soft diet is recommended during the first days. Too hard or sticky food and bubble gum chewing should be avoided during the whole treatment, and soft sandwiches are recommended.